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Basics of Python in Power BI

Disclaimer: My main area of expertise is SQL Server Business Intelligence and Power BI. I am a novice at Python. There are probably a million better ways to write the Python code, but I am impressed by the language and

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Managed Self-service BI

… and the journey ahead. It’s interesting to watch technology vendors and consulting companies conjure new buzz words to sell products and services. Sometimes they just try too hard. They should try to focus on practical realities we can relate

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What is Power BI?

… and why you should be interested. Technology is a business enabler. Our mind-set must be one of solving business problems and then determine how technology will help solve the problems. The first pass for evaluating technology requires an initial understanding

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First thoughts

Having threatened to blog for many years, there is no better time than the present to actually do so. We live in an era that creates more data about events or activities than we can make sense of. New technologies

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